Hearing and Balance Center

We are very proud of our Hearing and Balance Center. Our team approach enables us to develop a
comprehensive treatment plan to help you with complaints of hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
as well as dizziness. Each patient may present with a different combination of complaints and individual
needs. To address our patient's needs you will first visit with one of our experienced Ear, Nose and
Throat Physicians. The physician will get a firm grasp of your particular history, needs and physical
exam. The audiologist is then able to perform appropriate individualized onsite audiologic testing. This
will be followed by a meeting and discussion with your physician and audiologist to develop an
appropriate treatment plan.

Because hearing, balance and your ears provide an invaluable sense that helps you to interact with the
world around you; your treatment plan may require medical or surgical intervention or hearing assistive
devices, or a combination of both. When choosing the management program for you, information is
paramount. At our Hearing and Balance Center, our physicians and audiologists are always up-todate
providing you with appropriate options for medical and/or surgical treatments, as well as
noninvasive hearing assistive devices, such as hearing aids, for you.

Hearing Aid companies we work with: Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, SiemensStarkey, and Unitron.

Services Provided 

Comprehensive audiologic evaluation

Acoustic Immitance measurements

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)

Monitoring of patients undergoing ototoxic treatment 

Videonystamography (VNG)

Hearing Aids Assessment and Fitting

Custom Fit Earplugs

Who can benefit from custom made earplugs?

Do you work in construction or other noisy environments?

Do you enjoy hunting/shooting or riding a motorcycle?

Cannot sleep because of annoying noises?

Do you work in a loud environment but still need to communicate?

Do you want to be able to hear music while protecting your ears from excessive noise?

Custom Fit Swimming Earplugs

Do you spend a lot of time in water but still need to communicate?

Patient Information

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What to expect from your hearing aids

Tips for communicating with people who have hearing loss

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